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LexisMed has a new home

For years, LexisMed has lived here on this website. Well, as of mid-January, that’s no longer the case. I’ve split it off into two–soon to be three–distinct products:

  • LexisMed Speller: an inexpensive, installable set of dictionaries that work with Chrome, Firefox, Office, and ClaroReader. Also available for institutions¬†with real deployment tooling.
  • LexisMed Lexicon: raw datasets that can be used by software developers building applications that require a rich medical terminology database.
  • LexisMed API: a client-side set of software development components that provide spell-checking capabilities in applications. These haven’t been created, but they’re in progress. The first version will be focused on .NET applications.

Along the way, I bumped the word count up to about 810,000 words.