How-To: Get your Olympus recorder working in Windows 7 and Vista

This article applies to the VN-120PC, VN-240PC, VN-480PC, VN-960PC, VN-2100PC, VN-3100PC, VN-3200PC and VN-4100PC digital audio recorders being used on 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The problem with getting your Olympus digital recorders to work with newer versions of Windows is that Olympus doesn’t provide all of the drivers you need in one place. In the hopes that I can save other frustrated users 20 minutes of wasted time, I’ve provided download links and a short guide to getting your recorder working with versions of Windows newer than XP.

1) Install the original Digital Wave Player software (Olympus link | local mirror)

Installing the original software will not get your device working, but it provides the baseline for the updates that you downloaded.

2) Install the Digital Wave Player update (Olympus link | local mirror)

This will make a green and gray digital recorder icon appear in your System Tray. (32-bit Windows users stop here.)

3) Install the 64-bit Windows drivers (Olympus link | local mirror)

After you’ve completed this step, you should be able to connect your device and transfer the audio files to your computer.

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(Optional) Install Audacity to edit your audio files.

Link. Windows 7 users should use the 1.3 beta version.

  • Jason

    Thank you for the link to the Digital Wave Player installer.

  • Aniruddha

    Thank you so much for this! Appreciate you putting this up online… saved me (and I am sure a lot of others) a lot of time and frustration! Cheers mate. :)

  • Kathy

    Thanks – very happy to donate – followed 64 bit instructions and am downloading everything off the recorder to computer. You saved me a bundle of time!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, thank you… thank you. Life saver

  • Wondering

    Greetings. Will the above solution from your site work with Windows 8 (64 bit)? I have already downloaded all “three steps”. Thank you in advance.


  • Lun

    Thank you, thank you!! Years trying to update the driver, now I can use mi Olympus again =) Thank you!!!

  • ben

    Will the Olympus VN-960PC work on windows 8 ? If so how and where do I go to get it to work?

  • Actingbuff

    Add me to the list below of very happy voice-recorderers, if that’s even a word. Thanks!

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    Thank you so much!!! It worked finally!

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    Already wasted a couple of hours when I finally found your site. Thanks a million. Worth a WHOLE lot more than just $2.00, so thanks many times over.

  • Gloria

    After several frustrating visits to the Olympus website and running around in circles… told me I had to purchase the CD-ROM, but then no longer stocked the CD-ROM – your instructions worked like an absolute charm. My computer now recognizes my recorder and I can create and download files. Sending you love, peace and harmony, with blessings for your life as appropriate. Please visit to download a free CD which will further bless your life. Copyright is free so you can share as many as you like. :)

  • PV

    Works with Windows 8 64 Bit as well

  • Meg

    thank-you very much!! how many PhD’s does it take to get files off a recorder – none the medical student googled it :) i’ve put links to this site in the recorder boxes so hopefully the rest of the office wont have anymore problems

  • David

    Thanks man.

  • James_From_Canberra

    Stupid me. I loaded the 64 bit driver first, which may have mucked everything else up. Then I found your site. I tried loading the UK language version of the software and nothing seemed to happen. Then I tried the US version and it worked. Loaded the update OK and then tried the 64bit driver (again). It wouldn’t work. After much problem chasing I went to Device Manager and >>uninstalled<< the driver, then unplugged the 960PC and plugged it back in. This time the driver loaded successfully.
    It's happily transferring files now. Woohoo. Cheers from Australia.

  • Raquel

    Thanks! Finally it works!

  • Anonymous

    I too was able to finally download and get my digital player files SAFELY transfered to my pc. I have had them on the recorder since 2008. I just figured they were GONE after the batteries failed. But decided to try to find a way to access and transfer them ONE MORE TIME.
    glad I did.
    Thank you

  • YU

    Thanks! You da man!

  • Christian

    Thank you this worked perfectly, I opted to initially install the software with the original CD that I still had, then proceeded to download the files from the links you provided.

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    Thanks so much! I was just about to throw the recorder away. I made a donation.

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    Thanks a million for that! Downloaded the 3 files to my Win 7 Pro 64-bit PC, unzipped, installed, connected my VN-3100PC and transferred files with absolutely no problems. Sorted!

  • Alex Tamayo

    Thanks! It works!

  • Luis

    THanks Cenk!, I follwed steps 1 and 2 plus your instructions and managed to transfer files from my VN480PC to my windows 7 32 bit PC

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    I know you posted this 2 years ago but it is still useful. Thanks for pointing out the steps. God bless you-Brunei

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  • Leeasi

    Hello, Rian.

    I found your discussion and read the whole thing through twice and I still do not get it.

    Would you please describe (for the computer-stupid, like me) how to make the Olympus voice recorder VN-960PC play nice with Windows 8?

    Also, would you please email it directly to me, because I don’t know if I can ever find this bulletin board ever again! :)



  • John

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  • Sarah

    Hey, I was hoping this would help me as well, but i can’t select Update Driver, there’s just Driver Details that I can click on. Do you have any idea why?
    What leaves me quite puzzled is that I managed to transfer files once already, but then it decided for some reason that it doesn’t want to do it anymore. I uninstalled and installed everything again for 4 times now and nothing changes. It’s so frustrating…

  • me

    not working at windows8 64 bit.

  • Chuck Denk

    Thanks all, but now it’s Windows 8 time. I followed the original steps, plus Cenk’s advice about Device Manager. It seems there are no drivers for Win 8?


  • Rashmi Kakde

    Thanks so much for your instructions. My device is working now. I’m now transferring a valuable audio file from a 3 hour customer workshop. You’re a big help! I’ll be happy to donate more than 2 quid.

  • Andy Goss

    Thanks, this got me going. I actually needed to install on XP, and the version of the the basic install you point to is the only one I’ve found that actually works with my VN-2100PC. As a hint to anyone else doing this, you need to point the installer at R0990_40 (D) as that is where the drivers are. Also works well on 7 64 bit.

  • Stan Finch

    Awesome, I can finally make use of my old vn-3100pc again. For the record, DWP and the drivers installed and work well on a vm’d windows 8.1.
    Thanks Rian!

  • Joseph O’Loughlin

    To get the 32 bit device driver to work on Windows 8 32 bit took several steps. The install went too fast to see where the driver extracted too. So I used 7zip to extract the contents of the installer, which gave me setup.exe,, and several other files. Using Universal Extractor on data1 created a directory of the same name containing the drivers. From there I was able to update device manager with the untrusted driver. Now works ok. My device: VN-4100PC.