Freeware medical dictionary for Word: 66,000 words and counting

About a year or so ago I got annoyed with all of the little red squiggly underlines that appeared in documents that dealt with medicine. I also got tired of hitting “Add to dictionary” every 3 seconds. So I decided to create my own custom dictionary and make it available as freeware to everyone. The first version had some 40,000 or so words. Not a bad start, but it still wasn’t good enough, so I’ve been working at it slowly and now my dictionary has some 66,239 words.

Since most of my readers work in the medical profession, I thought I would post it here. Anyway, feel free to pass it around to friends, relatives, medical students, pharmacy students, people you hate, you know, whatever.

I hope to include a form for submitting new words in the future.

MeDic for Word (and any other program that uses plain text dictionaries).


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