Now you Europeans can waste your money on aliskiren, too

Novartis has gotten their pointless direct renin inhibitor approved by the European equivalent of the FDA.

How utterly snooze-worthy. Now you Europeans can waste your tax dollars money on the drug, too! Hooray!

Bonus Tekturna story:

Doctor writes a prescription for Tekturna for one of his patients. (One of our drug delivery guys, actually.) Gives him a free sample card, even though he doesn’t have insurance and thinks he’s doing him a favor. He gets 30 Tekturna for free, and the next month rolls around. That’ll be $100, please, even with the employee discount I gave him because he amuses me.

He almost shit a brick.

Remember, folks: giving patients a FREE SAMPLE is great, but it’s a complete WASTE OF EVERYONE’S TIME if they are without insurance or if their insurance doesn’t cover it.

Mr. Delivery Guy comes back a week later with a prescription for lisinopril, after I write him a note to give to his bonehead physician.

Sometimes I wonder…

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4 thoughts on “Now you Europeans can waste your money on aliskiren, too

  1. Ha!
    I tried to tell our Novartis rep that I saw no role for his new drug other than for patients who couldn’t take an ACE-I or an ARB because of angioedema/allergy. (Also said it had a stupid name) He tried to give me his spiel, but I tuned him out.

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