Chocolate placebo?

Research from the Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland and published in the Journal of Proteome Research.

In a clinical trial made up of 22 men, half of which described themselves as “chocolate lovers” while the other half were “chocolate indifferent,” participants ate chocolate or placebo over a five-day period. During this time, their blood and urine was monitored for various metabolite levels. The researchers found a “hallmark” profile in the men who described themselves as chocolate lovers: low levels of LDL-cholesterol and slightly raised levels of albumin protein. The same levels were found in the chocolate lovers even when they ate no chocolate. The researchers also noted that the activity of the gut microbes of chocolate lovers was distinctively different from the other subjects.

(They should have used women. :haw: )

But seriously… what the heck is a chocolate placebo? Wouldn’t you know that you’re not eating chocolate?

5 thoughts on “Chocolate placebo?

  1. maybe Carob beans? sometimes used as a flavour substitute, i dunno how close chemically they are to cacoa beans.

  2. They should have used women.

    Probably would have been too difficult to find 11 women who were chocolate indifferent.

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