Got an Rx from a dentist today:

Onymnomycin 300mg
1 qid until finished
0 refills

I love it when prescribers make shit up.

7 thoughts on “Onymnomycin

  1. so the point being the dentist just wrote a script and wasn’t thinking – was probably thinking azithromax and oxycontin at the same time or something…

    How do you feel about antibiotic subscriptions? I know they are overdone and yet I know very well when I’m getting a bacterial sinus infection and just wish I could get a doc to write me the script once a year (I get them like clockwork when the fall season comes around) without it being a huge deal. I’d have an easier time getting opiates.

  2. Well it was an EMR-generated prescription. Normally you have to manually override something like that, so maybe the dentist has his e-prescribing stuff set up so that it’s manually entered without any kind of “this is wrong” prompts.

    It was very strange. If I came across this blog entry on the Internet, I would have a hard time believing it, except that it happened to me, and I remember the script as clear as day…

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