À propos: Amazon Green

On the heels of my four-part series this week, Amazon has launched their new “Green” section:

Amazon Green

I have my doubts about the real usefulness of some of the top items, but the CFL bulbs are the real deal. While I would never pay $14 for one of them, we did get about three dozen of them on sale at Building 19 for something like 17 cents each about two years ago. We noticed a significant drop in our electrical bill right away on the order of ~$10-15 a month. Bonus has been that we’ve had to replace one(?) bulb during this time, so we still have quite a few of them stashed away. One downside is that they don’t seem to last very long in New England weather extremes, so we use a regular incandescent for our one of our outside lights.

[Completely unrelated, but what’s up with the crappy graphics Amazon uses for their navigation? Honestly, Amazon, just use text. It loads faster, and looks nicer.]

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