Slow carb: week 2

This past Saturday marked my second cheat day on the slow carb diet. This will be a much shorter post, with the addition of Recipes section.

This week we decided we wanted to eat more savory foods, as the diet can be quite bland. We tried spaghetti squash with home made marinara and turkey meatballs with almond flour. It was OK… the squash wasn’t cooked enough, and the marinara recipe we used wasn’t very good, either (it was essentially tomatoes with onions, and not much “sauce” ugh). Next time we’d bake the squash longer, and use a better marinara recipe.

We also made chili with black beans, kidney beans, and garbanzo beans (chickpeas). We added WAY more veggies: mushrooms, broccoli, red peppers, and we also threw in one ear of raw corn cut off the cob. (Yes, we “cheated”, if you could call < 1/8 of an ear of corn per serving “cheating”.)

It was amazing. So. Bloody. Good. Best food we’ve eaten since being on the diet.


  • Weight: 222.5 (down ~1lb)
  • Waist: 40″ (no change)
  • Hips: 40″ (no change)

I spent first 3 days after my cheat day above my weigh-in weight. I suspect I may have weighed in at the perfect time: just evacuated everything, slightly dehydrated, didn’t eat much the day before. (All of these things were unintentional.)


  • Energy levels are still higher and smoother than what I’ve been used to (more on that below)
  • Weight loss was much less than the first week. I believe my assertion that most of the weight was water weight in the first 3 days was incorrect, and that I continued to shed water weight for most of the week.
  • I’m really at a “new normal” now as far as preparing food, making lunches, eating food, etc is concerned. It’s easy to say no to most foods, and I cook without thinking.
  • My allergies seem to be gone. (Weird!) I don’t breathe heavily, nor have I been congested. This doesn’t seem connected to the air quality, so I don’t have any idea why this is true.

The most illustrative thing, though, is the bike ride I went on. I hadn’t been on a bike in a month, and I decided to go on one about 2 hours after lunch. Up until that point, I’d had breakfast (two eggs, lentils, half a thick sausage patty) and lunch (cereal-bowl-sized bowl of chili with melted cheddar). I knew I’d be hungry by the end, so I brought some carrots with me to eat when I was done.

About halfway through, I got hungry. In the past, this would have meant I would have hit the wall, unable to bike with any appreciable energy. I did not have this problem. I had no problem sustaining 18-20mph, and when I turned back, I was sustaining 20-22mph, despite being hungry. In fact, these are the fastest speeds I have ever├é┬ásustained on this course… even though I hadn’t been on a bike in a month, and my weight loss wasn’t much as a percentage of my starting weight.

It was very strange to have my energy levels largely decoupled from my hunger. Similarly, my leg strength was the limiting factor, not my cardiovascular system. This hasn’t been the case since I was in high school, so this is A Very Good Thing.

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