2 minute fix: Ventura + Logitech Brio + dock

My Logitech Brio stopped working after I upgraded from Monterey to Ventura. It’s always been connected to an OWC dock, along with a bunch of other peripherals. Maybe I can save you 15-20 minutes by sharing what I did:

  1. Download the Logitech firmware update for the Brio.
  2. Connect the webcam directly to the computer. In my case, I had to attach a USB-A to USB-C adapter because my MacBook Pro only has USB-C ports. (Contrary to some forum posts, I didn’t need a whole new cable, an adapter worked fine.)
  3. Run the firmware update tool. My firmware was at v1.1, and the latest was 2.9. The update took less than a minute to complete.
  4. Remove the USB-A to USB-C adapter, and reconnect the camera to the dock in the same place it was before.

And that was it. You can use Photo Booth to test at steps 3 and 4 to make sure it’s working along the way. I also rebooted, and everything stayed fixed after the restart.

2 thoughts on “2 minute fix: Ventura + Logitech Brio + dock

  1. Hey, this guide ended up helping me last minute as I was trying to set up my BRIO for a work meeting. Really appreciate it, thank you. You did indeed save me 15-20 minutes.

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