Do we need Tekturna (aliskiren)?

Thursday saw the delivery of a new Novartis drug: Tekturna (aliskiren). None of us had any idea what it was for, so we looked it up on Facts and Comparisons, and there was next to no information whatsoever, except that it is a “direct renin inhibitor” — whatever that meant.

Now that I’m home on a non-firewalled Internet connection, I can actually get real drug information. (How sad is it that I can’t do this at the pharmacy?) Aliskiren:

Aliskiren is a direct renin inhibitor, decreasing plasma renin activity (PRA) and inhibiting the conversion of angiotensinogen to Ang I. Whether aliskiren affects other RAAS components, e.g., ACE or non-ACE pathways, is not known

I’m sure you could play games targeting specific points and pathways in the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system until the cows come home, but how many of them will be meaningful? Medscape has an article comparing, contrasting, and using Diovan and Tekturna in parallel:

Comparison of Diovan and Tekturna

Do we need Tekturna? Would not an ARB plus a diuretic do a better job? There are benefits to combining an ACEi with an ARB, that are fairly well understood. Is Tekturna going to create some sort of super trifecta?

I’m thinking not. Combining an ACEi with an ARB does a couple of things. First off, ACE inhibitors only stop the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. Blocking the pathway there does nothing to stop any non-specific binding to the angiotensin II receptor sites. ARBs block much of this non-specific binding because the receptor sites themselves are blocked. However ACEis also block the breakdown of bradkinin (which is broken down by ACE) which leads to greater vasodilation, which is why ACEis and ARBs are usually similar is study results. Bradykinins, of course, are a double-edged sword: they may contribute to vasodilation, but they are also responsible for the dry cough and angioedema associated with ACEis.

I don’t see how aliskiren is going to add to this. Is there component to the RAAS that I’m not thinking of? Is it not better to attack a problem from many different angles instead of hitting the same pathway three different ways?

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  1. I am off Tekturna after 9mo or longer. I am also off Vitamin D
    supplement for now even though my D is extremely low, 4 I believe.
    My kidneys have been damaged. I can’t be sure yet. I can not discuss this further.
    I suggest all of you nice ladies taking Tekterna and huge Vitamin D supplements be extremely careful………..

  2. 251. contd….I meant to say I can’t be sure just yet what caused the damage to my kidneys. I’m a bit shaken up 2 weeks after learning this.

  3. Since I’ve been on Vit D, I’ve been able to cut out two of my three blood pressure medicines. My doctor told me two interesting things. The first is that Vit D works in the kidney the same way an ACE Inhibitor does (like Tekturna), so I stopped my benazepril (another ACE Inhibitor). The second thing he told me alarmed me. He said not to take an ACE Inhibitor with ibuprofen (Advil, motrin). He said the combo can really damage the kidneys. I take 50,000 iu of Vit D3 three times a week.

  4. I have terrible lower back and joint pains since taking tekturna, which I started in late October 2008. Does anyone know how long tekturna stays in your system and you no longer have side effects?

  5. What’s happened to this blog? I’ve been checking in regularly and there haven’t been any responses/questions/etc. No action at all!!!!

    I’ve been off Tekturna for about three months and now I’m off Bystolic (well-actually I’m being weaned off at this moment) because that’s not working particularly well and the side effects are not good for me.

    How are all of you doing? What’s new? What’s been going on?

  6. Greetings Everyone! I am just getting off the Tekturna with the HCT 150/12.5
    I was only on it for two days and I began having horrible leg cramps plus joint and muscle pain. I knew it was the diuretic in the Tekturna. I went to the dr and I am back in just taking the Tekturna 150 without the diuretic. I still worry about being on any medication not knowing long term effects but I will hope for the best. I am still taking my walks and finally got off Xanax which I am happy about. My BP readings are good and I have no major side effects. Well except for a lot of head congestion. Don’t know if there is a connection there due to
    Tekturna…….anyone know if this is a possiblity?

    Hope everyone is doing well these days?

  7. Hi Judy,

    I am doing well- still taking 150 Tekturna- moving to every other day soon. no problems.

    I had started on 300 mg,dropped down to 150 cause BP was very low… DR recommended every other day of 300 but I cut it in half to 150 daily. I experimented with every other day on 150 and did great for a few months except for a few preditcable days a month where I spike with these weird ‘episodes’ and need extra clonidine. I then had hip surgery so went back to 150 daily… once I get my groove back I’ll go back to 150 every other day.

    Life is good.


  8. Hey everyone , its been awhile, I know. Im still taking the Sular extended release tablets, but am going to talk to doctor about it. Im having some muscles aches especially in my feet. They don’t swell, just feel like i have stone brusies in both feet when I walk. And Ive been having WEIRD dreams and some funky thoughts. Which is possible with this medicine. Like forgetfullness.
    And at night they feel better since im not walking on them but they burn on the bottoms, till I fall asleep. I hate the dream thing though.
    Angie, the reason I said be sure and ask your pharmacist about vitamins is cause with some BP meds, vitamins can interfere with the efficency of the your BP med. Doctors don’t know alot,Ive decided,, Pharmacists are better to ask.

    Hope everyone is doing better!

  9. i have been taking tekturna 150mg for 3 weeks now.. having some face breakout.. my face has never broke out 39 yrs and i look like a 15 yr face.. breakouts are on my forehead & on the side by the timple area… any body having this problem while they take tekturna…

  10. Seems like the only positive comments on this board are from Debbie.

    I had problems with Tekturna and the Sular. Now I am on a low dose (2.5) of Amlodipine Besylate (generic Norvasc) and my BP is really high and I am feeling quite depressed. I take 2000/day of the Vitamin D and the doctor wants me to go even higher. We have had terrible, cold, cloudy weather here and wonder if the lack of sunshine is getting me down. I do have SAD during our Chicago area winters.

    My MD also wants me to take Klonopin (probably spelled it wrong) but it knocks me out. Then he suggested anti-depressants. Been there, done that. Weight gain, dry eyes, dry mouth, sleepiness. Recent study in local newspaper said there might be a link with anti-depressants and cancer. Mentioned this to doctor and he went nuts. Said it’s a lot of nonsense. How can he be so sure? I have an appt. for a consultation with a doctor who takes a more progessive approach to heart disease but he is so popular I have to wait till July 28. In the meantime, I feel like garbage on the Norvasc.
    There is no magic wand. As I reflect on all of this it seems that although my BP was high when I first started taking meds 15 years ago (it was around 140/70), since I have been on meds it has been much higher. After being taken off of Lisinopril it shot up to 200/98! The Sular took it down to 127/64 but it gave me terrible tingling in my feet and swollen eye-lids. Now I am lucky if I hit 154/76 (my lower is always good).

    If someone has some happy news, please share it.

  11. I hope you’re all doing well. I’m now on Benazipril (Lotensin) which I’ve been on for about 4 weeks but the Hypertension doctor was not happy enough with my readings to leave it alone. So, she added the Catapres patch. I put that on around dinner time on Thursday and I’m barely able to function. I’m exhausted, weak and have really no desire to move. I have to say though, that my blood pressure is really low. A little while ago it was 99/70 with a heart rate of 56. Since yesterday morning it’s been hovering around 100/68—hence the inability to move. I’m planning to call the doctor tomorrow morning first thing and see what she suggests. If you’re like me you probably hate taking your BP and seeing the numbers really high—well, having them this low is no picnic either. My husband has been saying that I’m never satisfied……oh well:(

  12. Judy,

    I wanted to say that I am still on Tekturna ( no side effects still ) but also the Catapres patch ( which is clonidine). There are different patch dosages. Which one are you on? You can also cut it in half and wear it see if that makes a difference. The patch made a difference for me – I adapted but had to reduce the dose so I wasn’t so tired. On a few days in the month I also need to add the clonidine pills they give me because for reasons the Drs have not figured out nothing works well onthose few days and I need more clonidine… which doesn’t make me sleepy yet does give me a dry mouth though. Because there is a pattern they think this somewhat predictable flucuation in BP is hormone related.

  13. Judy,

    I wanted to say that I am still on Tekturna ( no side effects still ) but also the Catapres patch ( which is clonidine). There are different patch dosages. Which one are you on? You can also cut it in half and wear it see if that makes a difference. The patch made a difference for me – I adapted but had to reduce the dose so I wasn’t so tired. Dr said the .2 patch was the highest he’d go. On a few days in the month I also need to add 1-2 clonidine pills to my regiment that they give me because for reasons the Drs have not figured out nothing works well on those few days and I need more clonidine… which doesn’t make me sleepy but does give me a dry mouth though. Because there is a pattern they think this somewhat predictable increase in BP is hormone related.

  14. Thanks very much, Debbie! I never even thought of cutting the patch in half! (Just goes to show you how exhausted I am–)) I’m on the Catapres .1 patch (or which ever one is the lowest dosage.)
    I’m going to try cutting it in half. Do you save the half you’re not using and use it the following week? Or do you have to throw it away once you open the package?

    Thanks very much!!! Judy

  15. Debbie–A quick question—where’s the best place to adhere the patch? I really don’t want anyone to see if when I’m wearing it…The literature says to put it on the upper outer arm or on the chest. At this time of the year, either of those two locations means no sleeveless shirts or tank tops and no swim suits….

    Thanks!! Judy

  16. Debbie–One more question about cutting the Catapres in half—doesn’t the medicine leak out from the cut side? Thanks:) Judy

  17. Judy,

    You asked the question I asked… he said no- I of course didn’t believe him but it didn’t. I have problems with my skin asorbing it though… The one thing you will need to do is monitor carefully your BP. That was the one issue my Dr repeated numerous times- Clonidine must be tapered off or your BP will spike very high… but it works for me ..sigh.

  18. Judy,

    I have tried moving the patch around and was told that I needed to do that. I typically don’t care in the winter any place I was told where there was no hair. In the summer I put it on my lower back, thigh etc. But I don’t absorb it well in some places not sure why. I did use the second half of the cut patch… I had to use the white circular pad to go over it though it didn’t adhere as well ( the halves) .

    I am on the .2 so you are on the lower patch…just watch for spikes…

  19. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions Debbie. I’ll let you know what happens…. Judy

  20. Tried hyzaar, with litle success. taking tekturna and bp has been lowered . little side effects, tired, thirsty and occasionally fatigue. libido has to be increased but regulating time of ingestion of medicine and seems to be working. usally taken after relations and it seems to work fine. have devEloped a bp chart to monitor the bp. the hct works but it does not bother me as im a late going to bed person. will keep tekturna users posted.

  21. I experience a sudden weight gain since I have been taking tekturna. I wounder has anyone else experience this problem.

  22. Hi Sed haven’t gained any weight at all. I go in tomorrow for myyearly physical and blood work. 2nd year on tekturna with NO side effects.. amazing.
    Judy how is the patch going for you?
    I am having problems with BP getting too low these days- may taper down on the tekturna- all good I hope!

  23. Thanks for asking about the patch, Debbie. It worked great—for about a week and a half. Then my BP shot through the roof–AGAIN. So, the “expert” said to take off the patch and go back to just the 10 mg. of benezapril—did nothing. She then doubled the benezapril to 10 mg. morning and 10 mg. evening. Still no help. On Monday she doubled it again to 20 mg. morning, same at night. I have an appointment for early afternoon to see what she’s going to try now (think side effects, side effects, side effects:() I’ve absolutely had it. What happens to someone like me who either can’t tolerate any BP meds or they’re ineffective? I can’t possibly be the only one like this……I’m at the end of my rope—and if my BP keeps up as it’s been, I’m probably not going to be around that much longer anyway.

  24. Hi Judy, Here it is 5a.m. (Central time) and I just read your posting. I feel your desperation and frustration and it makes me sad. I hope I am not over-stepping boundaries here but i am also going through a difficult time now so I am feeling your pain. Forgive me for my thoughts. Please don’t give up. Have you thought of changing MD ? I, obviously, have BP issues and was taking several meds due to side effects. Because I moved, I changed doctors and finally have it under control with the only side effect of weight gain. I am now on Tekturna but the thing is that my worrying nature does me more harm than anything. When I am stressed out nothing works for me. My personal life is overwhelming and I , at times, don’t know where to turn. Trust me, you are not alone. Just do not give up. I pray that better days come your way again. hang in there – I wish you the very best.

  25. Angie–Thanks for getting right back to me. I’ve changed doctors multiple times—internist–>cardiologist–>1st nephrologist (who actually sent my records along to someone else after a few months because he said he couldn’t treat me!! without asking me if I wanted him to do that!! without my consent!!!)—>2nd nephrologist who’s associated with a major teaching hospital. That’s where I’m going today. You are absolutely no over stepping your boundaries!!! I’m so thankful to have this blog and feel that since I’m off the Tekturna I probably don’t even belong here. This whole BP thing has me very stressed out and worried and I totally feel alone. I can’t talk about the BP all the time to my husband because it’s been going on for about a year and a half now and it really is rehashing the same thing over and over. I read labels on every package before I ingest ANYTHING—I try to restrict the amt. of sodium I ingest….nothing tastes good anymore, I’m at the point where irrationally I blame food, etc. for my BP and want it to be lower so badly that I’m willing to do almost anything. For a while I found that running helped lower it—so I ran probably three times a day. Adding the Catapres patch caused the running to stop helping, so I’m not doing that right now. I feel as if I have no control over anything, that I’m functioning at the whim of this supposed expert doctor who basically is just using trial and error to treat me….What else is there to do? There’s got to be someone, somewhere who can help. My problem is locating this place/person. I truly can’t take it.
    Thanks for listening….

  26. Judy, Hopefully your visit today will be the “one” you have been waiting for.
    I truly believe that you will get some good news soon. I think you are right about having to find that “someone” who will be able get you through this difficult time. Just don’t give up! You are so right about being thankful for this blog. I so agree with you that it is comforting to talk with others who understand and know what we go through. Please keep us informed of your visit tomorrow. I know it is overwhelming but try to stay positive. You will be in my thoughts and my prayers. Remember, you are not alone. Take care.

  27. Judy,

    I have to echo everything Angie said- find the person who can help and don’t give up. I totally understand what you are saying- not wanting to keep talking about it, being scared, frustrated and on top of it feeling terible. I can imagine your frustration after trying things ( running, low sodium etc.) hoping they work and then they don’t etc. I hope today brings some long needed help. Let us know! You are not alone. It took me almost 2 years.. 3 emergency visits and I lost count of DRs… I finally found the right combo for me. What I learned was simply that we are all so different. DRs really do NOT understand the BP issues many face… Try to stay hopeful and positive. Stress ( and This IS stressful) only adds to the problem as Angie said. I forgot where are you located again?

    Angie, I too have a worrying nature and my life has had alot of stressful events…I was OK with BP all along but it worsened during the menopause which was when BP problems started. I found out this is common for women. Aside from Tekturna , I have found three things that I do consistently that has made a BIG difference for me. I am so much better. BUT it took time to learn. During the learning time my DR gave me xanax which I hate because I don’t like the fuzzy feeling it gives me. I started first learning how to breathe slowly and deeply , then moved onto meditation. I also started accupuncture ( I was such a skeptic at 1st!) and I see a massage therapist to teach me how to relax my muscles and release tension. This combo has helped me.


  28. Its been a while since i last posted and I’ve read through the last few months of postings to catch up. My doctor did a food allergy test and i found that I have a reaction to many foods. He said that in the old days doctors would test for food allergies by taking blood pressures. If it spiked then they knew a person was allergic to that substance. I’m going to go through treatment for this soon and hope that it helps my blood pressure issues. I’m currently on Lisinopril 20mg and 0.5 of Catapres twice a day. He hates Catapres but I’ve been having a hard time getting off of it because of rebound hypertension. I’ve been cutting the 0.1mg in half to try and taper off.
    FYI: As far as vitamin D goes, it has lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides over a hundred points each. I’ve been on 50,000 IUs three times a week for months now and not changed my eating habits.

  29. Wow, Patty! That whole allergy aspect to HBP is very interesting!!! What type of doctor are you seeing? What sorts of allergy tests did you have? So, if I’m understanding what you’re saying if you determine what you’re allergic to and eliminate it from your diet, then your BP should come down to reasonable levels? That would be the most incredible thing ever!!! I’d be so willing to try that!!! Sign me up!!!

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  30. I’m excited to try it too. So much hypertension is caused by “unknown” causes and I’m very hopeful. I’m seeing a doctor who practices Integrative Medicine.
    He is board certified in Family Practice and will write a prescription if he has to but he focuses more on nutrition, thyroid, and hormonal issues. Have you heard of Dr Andrew Weil? He started the whole movement years ago. My doc tested me for over 100 type of allergies with just a blood test. I’ll be your test balloon and let you know how it goes. He also told me to stop using regular salt and use sea salt only.

  31. Patty,

    Why does your Dr hate cataperes? ( I am on the patch and know of the rebound) . Also can any dr do a food allergy test with blood? I have not heard the connection to allergies and food. I know already I am lactose intolerant which emcopasses a lot of things… but can’t say my blood pressure lessens when I avoid lactose only that I feel better. My Dr connects my hormonal fluctations to BP problems.
    I too was told to take D which I do. I take a potent multi vitamin daily with added D, fish oil and glucosamine ( hip issues).


  32. Judy,

    I was told the same thing about hormones adding to my BP issues. With that in mind, I found these women doctors who specialize in different woman issues and deficiencies. In the past, I was having anxiety attacks and generally not feeling well. I am now on vitamin program especially for women with hormonal issues and I feel 100% Better. All my symptons went away and I was able to get off the xanax as well. I do take Tekturna 150% and my BP has stabilized. The online site is: www. Women to . Just look into it and see if perhaps they can be helpful. My hair was falling out and that ceased as well. You don’t have to buy anything and it is definitely worth looking into. I hope you are feeling better.

  33. Okay, Ive given Sular 8.5 8months to work . It did help for awhile but yesterday, I had been cleaning and painting a rent house and got overheated,, my bp went up to 176/83 and I felt like I was going to pass out. Since I started taking Sular, my left foot has hurt and just gets worse.. Ive had a little swelling in my feet (side effect) but not bad. I haven’t seen my doctor since december. Ive been very bad about NOT taking my bp regularly,because If I start, It becomes an obsession.
    So, Im between a rock and a hard place. I know he will ask me how my bp has been running, and All I have is yesterdays numbers.
    I have put on some weight, which is guess is good, but I don’t want to put on anymore. I turned 60 in June and I feel 80!
    That’s just not like me… I don’t sleep well at night, since I started taking this crap. But the ACI inhibitors were like candy to my system, did nothing!! And the ones with HCT make me deathly ill.
    So, Im wondering what my doc will decide? I just want to feel like ME again, and Ive almost forgotten what that feels like… Maddy

  34. Okay, im going to the doctor tomorrow… Ive been doing some research, Im going to ask him about taking a diuretic separate from another bp medication.
    I cannot take and ACE With HCTZ in it,,, to many side effects. But maybe something else with maybe chlortalidone (diuretic) separately?
    Im having bp spike on the new sular extended release… and I don’t think that’s good for a person….

  35. You know what?? To be honest,, I don’t think doctors know how to treat women with high bp!
    women’s bodies are different, function differently to everything, enviroment, stress, etc. Why aren’t studies being done specifically for women and blood pressure. I read reviews of these medicines, and if they are male,, most do good on bp meds after one or two tries.. But women,, HELL NO,, we go through med after med after med….And doctors pat us on the head, and want to give us anti depressents to go along with our bp meds,,, Im sorry but it pisses me off!!!!
    I know there are women doctors out there, but SOME of them need to specialize in Women’s bp problems….
    All I know is that something isn’t being done, that could be done, if the Physican community weren’t made up of almost entirely MEN!!!!!

  36. Maddy–I literally have to reread everyone of your posts because I think I’M THE ONE WHO’S WRITTEN THEM!!! It’s scary how similar we are! I’ve tried so many different kinds of BP meds and when I hear the name of a new one all I think of is side effects and will it even work. I’m barely 100 lbs. and the majority of the doctors I’ve seen have attempted to treat me with doses of meds that are appropriate for an overweight if not obese male!! I’ve talked about everything you’ve written many, many times. I was on benazepril 10mg for a while—it sort of worked, not great but better than many other things I’ve taken. Then, I went to the doc who wanted to “tweak” my BP by adding the Catapres patch. Well, that worked for about a week and a half—my BP was so low I was barely functioning. So, I called the doctor, told to take off the patch and increase the benazepril to 20mg. That didn’t work–my BP was really, really high. So, I called the doc again, after trying the 20 mg. for 2 weeks and was told to double the 20 mg. to 40 mg. I don’t get it—if 20 doesn’t work how does it make sense to double it to 40mg. Anyway, stupid me, I tried it. Bad move—I don’t want to go into all the details but an overdose of benazapril is not a pleasant experience. Now I’m on my third day of 20 mg. of benazapril plus 1.25mg of Lozol, a diuretic. I’ve tried all the other types of diuretics and have had horrible reactions to them. I’m hoping this combination works and I can tolerate it. Keep us posted on what happens with you. Good luck. Judy

  37. Thanks Judy
    Guess I just needed to vent. I’ve been on 7 different meds since last May. Gave each one my best shot, even the ones with horrible side effects, and the ones with no side effects, but didn’t do squat for my blood pressure.

    My doctor seems amazed as he says, that I can tell immediately when my bp goes up high. He informed me most people have NO effect of high bp at all. So I don ‘t know if that’s a compliment or not? LOL

    Ive gained some weight on the Sular, but basically Ive gained back what I should weigh anyway. I printed out the side effects of Sular and circled the ones Im having, because I don’t want him telling me it’s not the medicine causing the symptoms your having.
    In December through February, I felt great!! Like my old self again, and then slowly I started experiencing the side effects slowly. And Now i have become a bitch, can’t seem to get anything done, and when I do something, My bp goes sky high.
    So, I will try once again!!! Thanks for your responding:)

  38. I am on tekturna and started having horrible stomach cramping, distended belly, acid reflux, pain in lower and upper abdomen, vomiting. I started to suspect it was the Tekturna but after reading this site I am convinced. I was also light-headed and real fatigued. I called my doctor today and told him I was getting off of it and would try something new next time I came in. Like my pharmacist said, when your quality of living goes way down due to the side effects of the meds that are supposed to be helping you, it is time to call the doctor and try a new med.

  39. Anyone ever heard of “Tenex” I was reading about it today. Its a bp med. Im still on sular,,, went to doc, he wasn’t all that interested the day I went to see him. He told me we had tried so many medications and nothing worked. My bp was still high but not as high, but the vertigo I have is awful, sudden and scares the hell out of me when it happens.
    If I get up to fast, I almost fall on my face… I hate this,, anyone hear of anything new coming out lately? I hate the high bp, but I hate the meds worse!
    And Sular extended is a extended release tablet calicium channel blocker, so afer almost a year, you dont just STOP taking it, im bewildered as to what to do?
    Thanks Maddy

  40. Oh I also have high cholestrol,,, that was exciting, and its hereditary in my family, my genes suck! He keeps telling me low fat diet, and if i eat any less of low fat, i wont eat at all. He also said try statins, but statins are dangerous for women.
    Any suggestions?? By the way, I can’t swallow capsules, have to have tablets. Another funky thing with me, lol

  41. Maddie—I feel sooooooo badly for you and know exactly what you’re going through. Right now, I’m fairly well controlled taking 20mg. benazepril (generic for Lotensin) plus 1.25mg Indapamide (generic for Lozol). I have to be careful when getting up because I’m often light-headed but I’ve kind of learned to deal with that by exhaling really hard immediately when I feel that. I’m not happy about taking these two drugs but I’d be more unhappy without having my BP sort of controlled. I checked out Tenex online and while it doesn’t sound “miraculous” to me (actually, after taking so many drugs probably nothing would) I can’t see why your doctor wouldn’t at least let you try it. Getting off a BP med is difficult. I did it several times and just sort of gradually weaned myself down over about a two week period. I hope you’ll find a med or a combination of meds that works for you. (I’m already accumulating a list of alternative drugs that I’d want to try as soon as the combination that I’m on stops working. The first one I’d replace would be the Indapamide—and I have two other things that I already would consider taking instead of it.) Good luck and let me know how you do.


  42. Ha, well Im back! Im still taking the sular, and decided to really watch my diet (fats) and Im down to 2 dr peppers a day. I drank way to many a day. Im down to 3 packs of cigerettes in 7 days instead of a pack a day. Im trying really hard to do what he told me to do. My head still feels weird most all the time, but am drinking more water, and started taking a multivitamin.
    Hope everyone else is doing better. You know I loved my doctor till recently… when I go see him now, it’s almost like he tunes me out. When I went earlier this month, the first time since december 2008, he had JUST gotten a brand new corvette that morning :(
    So I was the last of his thoughts… Why do doctors do that??
    Take Care

  43. @Rick Bradley

    I’m late to your post but want to confirm rapid weight gain around middle of body and bloating on 300mg of Tekturna HCT. Other side effects are tiredness. Tekturna not as bad as Micardis, Diovan and Benicar for side effects, for me (did NOT have bloating with them) but did have a cough on all.

    I dislike going off Tekturna but the weight gain is something my ego has a hard time tolerating.
    My two cents. (65 yrs old with thyroid issues)

  44. Waistline and weight gain are almost out of control. Are there possibly correlational side effects between blood types and BP medications? Doctors never mention that possibility.
    Comment by Gloria-6 February, 2010

  45. Ever since I have been on Norvasc (generic) I have a tremendous appetitie. Gained 12 pounds over the past year. Have tremendous craving for carbs. anyone know of BP med that doesn’t cause food cravings or pain in feet and legs?

  46. So far (2 days) this works great. I hope my  kidneys don’t suffer.  My usual INEFFECTIVE regimen was 2.5mg minoxidil 2’s/day + DiovanHCT 320/12.5 1x/day, 80mg Lasix 2x’s/day, 100 mg Hydralazine 3’x’s/day, and 160mg Diovan 1x/day.  In 2 days of starting the new treatment, I have only taken 50 mg hydralazine two times total.  I am looking forward to stopping Minoxidil, which causes a lot of swelling in my feet and ankles.

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