Hammy’s boomerang adventure

Some of you may have seen Hammy’s boomerang adventure on the Over the Hedge DVD, or somewhere else like Google Video or YouTube.

Hammy in all his glory

However, given that it’s OMG TOTALLY AWESOME, I have ripped it from the DVD, and made it available for download in high-quality H.264 format so you don’t have to squint at the screen to see it on YouTube or wherever else.

Right click -> Save As.

If you have some difficulty viewing this fullscreen, I suggest you try VLC (Mac OS X), or Media Player Classic (Windows).

9 thoughts on “Hammy’s boomerang adventure

  1. wooowww mayne, big thx for this… i hope this is not the same french rip over the internet… i need the english rip… thx mayne!

  2. yo mayne… maybe u got this short film from Dreamworks animation… is called First FLight… i cant find it anywhere, if u got it could you please upload that movie? if u can, please send me a mail… my mail is toshdogg@hotmail.com

  3. THANK YOU! I spent forever looking for somewhere to download this. You are so awesome!

  4. Thanks for this… i have been looking for this one for sometime… trying to build up a collection of short animated clips. have a few with me, i wouldnt mind sharing. since these are promo clips and available on the internet, i’m assuming there is no copy right violation involved in sharing these?

    I have :
    Knick Knack – the hopping lamp
    Jack Jack Attack – one from Incredibles
    Lifted – this came with ratatoullie
    Mike’s new car – Monster’s Inc
    For the Birds – Monster’s Inc

    looking for:
    first flight
    far far away

    drop me a mail at dtigers@mail.com


  5. Thanks for sharing!!!, I’ts a great idea to save all the short animated clips, maybe someone will uploaded all in a torrent!

  6. WAY old post, but i have an update – I’ve been looking for First Flight too. it just popped up a few weeks ago all over you tube. just youtube search
    for dreamworks first flight. I guess it was tacked on to a video released in
    february. finally!

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