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Custom Word medical spell check dictionary updated

I have updated MeDic with a new version. 0.0.2 brings the dictionary from 41,009 words up to 66,239.

I have erred always on the side of accuracy, opting to omit a word when I couldn’t be sure that it was correct. Users have submitted their own additions, and I have folded them in, after verifying their accuracy to the best of my ability. Many of the words are quite obscure, as most of you can imagine.

Most recently, someone from Australia has created an Australian localization for the work, and I have added that to the page as well.

I think this is a better option for students and anyone else that wants a pretty comprehensive spell check word list, and doesn’t want to pay Stedman’s $100 to get one. This is also much more comprehensive than those $15 shareware dictionaries that you see floating around — many of which have spelling errors. (I know, I’ve looked at most of them.)

MeDic is, of course, freeware. And always will be. It’s also available for OpenOffice.org, for those of you who don’t use Word.

If you think it’s useful to you or someone you know, please bookmark it, Stumble it, or even throw me a link to the MeDic main page: